Classroom Furniture and Educational Technology
for Better Learning

Engaging Educational Environments by CORE

Furnishing Schools for Our Future

From the K-12 classroom to institutions of higher learning, CORE understands our youth are our future. We believe they deserve the very best when it comes to their education. We also realize the world of education is constantly evolving for today’s dynamic student population. The modern classroom must be adaptable for all learning styles and teaching methods which is why our interior products make learning fun, mobile, and engaging. CORE partners with educational institutions such as:

  • Childcare Facilities
  • Public Schools
  • Community Colleges
  • Charter Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Universities

Whether scholars are involved in cooperative learning or are working independently, we provide flexible seating options that inspire them to do their best. CORE provides options to fit every school’s culture, image, and student needs. From the teacher’s desk to classroom tables and chairs, we ensure versatile classroom seating arrangements that work for your learners and curriculum. Scholars and educators alike will love classroom furnishings that encourage student engagement and support a variety of learning opportunities.

Technology plays a major role in today’s education so we provide furniture that integrates it into the learning environment. Our cutting-edge classroom furnishings offer everything from USB outlets for charging laptops to glass boards for energizing learners at every age. We supply a wide range of classroom and school furnishings including:

  • Classroom Chairs
  • Classroom Tables
  • Student Desks
  • Cubby Storage
  • Lockers
  • White Boards
  • Glass Boards
  • Computer Desks
  • Lobby Seating
  • Storage
  • Reception Desks
  • Office Chairs

Beyond the classroom, we have office interiors for every educational professional that meld to their office space requirements. Whether you need bleachers for the gym, cafeteria tables that do double duty, or filing cabinets for the administration office, CORE has the cost-effective, creative solutions 21st Century schools require. CORE offers colorful, state-of-the-art interiors for:

  • Early Learning Centers & Childcare Facilities
  • Classrooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Gymnasiums
  • Libraries
  • Nurse’s Offices & Student Wellness Centers
  • Common Areas
  • Recreation Centers
  • Lecture Halls
  • Computer Labs
  • Dormitories
  • Labs
  • Administration Offices
  • Lobbies & Waiting Areas
  • Counseling Offices

At CORE, we have established partnerships with furniture manufacturers that meet requirements for a number of cooperative purchasing agreements such as the National IPA which empowers schools to order office interiors with ease from dependable, affordable, and resourceful furniture vendors. CORE provides durable, classroom interiors that save money while supporting student learning.